Four "Tropical Skyscapers" Commissioned To Keep Shenzhen Stock Exchange…

Steven Holl Architects' winning design from the "4 Tower in 1" competition calls for a quartet of towers to be built around the brand new Shenzhen Stock Exchange and its surrounding plaza. » 2/27/09 7:00pm 2/27/09 7:00pm

TwistTogether Shelves Can Actually Twist Together

From the makers of the TwistTogether Lamp comes a set of endlessly customizable, configurable shelves with neat looking LED lights attached too. » 2/26/09 8:32pm 2/26/09 8:32pm

Let Your Hello Kitty Watch Be All It Can Be

On its own, the Hello Kitty McDonalds watch is yet another landfill-bound plastic chotchke. Not very green thinking. Luckily, Instructables has put together a handy how-to for turning yours into a cool custom timepiece. » 2/25/09 8:20pm 2/25/09 8:20pm

Comics Experts Ask: Is Superman Jewish or What?

On paper, the NYCC panel was called "Jews and Comics: A Cottage Industry." After an hour or so of lively discussion, though, a better one might have been "Superman: So is he Jewish or What?" » 2/12/09 1:30pm 2/12/09 1:30pm

Futurama Wanders Yonder With Classic DVD Finale

Last night, we had a sweet tryst with the Planet Express gang. NYCC screened the fourth direct-to-DVD movie Into The Wild Green Yonder for hundreds of Futurama fanatics. » 2/07/09 11:00am 2/07/09 11:00am